Danny Tipple

Hi, I am Danny Tipple

Cloud, Platforms and DevOps Consultant at Third Republic - Recruitment solutions for next-generation digital technologies I've known Danny for a more than three year, and he's an excellent recruiter, technically skilled, and very dedicated to the people he's following. His ability to match the candidate with the role is admirable, and I owe him for the position he found for me because it is precisely what I was looking for. Matteo Marchelli Senior DevOps Engineer @ Your.MD I got in touch with Danny as I was looking for my next career move. Danny has great interpersonal skills and is not your typical recruiter: the devops market is very busy and it takes some serious skills to place the right person in the right job. Danny was very thorough, patiently understanding of my current situation and what I was looking for to find a good match. I highly recommend Danny, he's a very talented recruiter. Sébastien Le DiGgabel

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